04/01/07 by Ian McMillan

Some brief notes on 04/01/07 by Ian McMillan.

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-The mother has died and one of her sons is telling the other son in the middle of the night.

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-The poem is about one of the sons point of view when he receives the call from his brother.

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-The poem was written recently.

-It's about 4th January 2007.

-This is the date of the mother's death.

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-The poem is set in the room/house of the poet (one of the sons).

-This is where he finds out the news.

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-The poem was possibly written to share his pain over his mother's death.

-He doesn't want his mother to ever be forgotten.

-It could be spreading knowledge to help others cope with the same situation.

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This just states the obvious... not helpful!

Amna Stars

L wrote:

This just states the obvious... not helpful!

YEAH! you're tooo right!

thomas lilley

This is the least helpful website ever.

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