The Farmers Bride

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  • The Farmer's Bride
    • Personal Response
      • How far do you blame the farmer for his wife's attitude? i don't blame him totally because it was the done thing in those days but she was too young and hes to desirable.
      • To what extent would you describe 'The farmers Bride' as a love poem? It is a love poem about the husbands love for the wife and no return however it is not totally about love
      • How does the poet use the different seasons to describe the relationship? He personifies the seasons and also uses them to refer to the time that has passed
      • Can you write an ending to the story? What happens next? Its a sad ending, he desires her so much that he tries something and is to forceful so she is too upset and young to cope and kills herself
    • Feelings and attitudes
      • Frustration- He wants to have a sexual relationship with her and to have children but shes unwilling
      • Desire- The farmer is clearly attracted to his wife. This is expressed both in the imagery he uses to describe her and the way he breaks down at the end of the poem
      • Fear- There is a sense of foreboding- the farmer is struggling to keep his desire for her under control and there is little to suggest that there will be a happy ending for the married couple
    • About
      • A farmer has been married 3 years to a maid who is scared of men. Throughout the poem he expains how the relationship went bad. He doesn't blame himself and desires his wife. Her rejection of him is unbearable, he expresses this in a fairly nice way. But by the ending he is struggling to resist taking her by force.
    • Comparison
      • To his coy mistress/ Brothers/ Nettles/ Sister Maude/ Praise song for my mother/ Harmonium


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