Web Design

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Web Design

·     Web pages are created using Hypertext mark-up language (HTML) which is a computer programming language

·     Users who have no knowledge of HTML can use Web design packages to produce web pages

·     WYSIWYG environment

·     Pages automatically converted to HTML code


          A piece of text or a graphic that contains the address of another location on the Web

         Creation of hyperlinks is a basic feature of any Web design package

Hot Spots

         Area on an object that contains a hyperlink

         To create a hot spot an active area must be defined on an object and a hyperlink associated with it


         Used to organize and present information on a web page

         Help to make pay layouts more interesting

         A good web design package will allow:

Ø Tables to be created

Ø The size of a group of cells or an individual cell to be adjusted

Ø Rows and columns to be inserted or


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