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Types of web software

Two Types of Web software: browser software, used to search for and view websites; and web development software; used to create webpages/ websites.

Web browser software is a program that allows access to web pages stored on the Internet. Features:

  • Can access a webpage using a URL
  • Can perform keyword searches
  • Can follow links
  • Can use a series of menus on websites

Web development software. When creating a website the following should be considered carefully:

  • House style- an image that reflects the organisation which fits in with other material produced by the organisation such as brochures, businness, adverts, etc
  • Audience- you always need to know who your main audience will be and tailor the content, look and navigation to suit them
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Features and facilities

Interactive features:

  • Online forms (e.g. feedback, order forms, comments etc) 
  • Emails (can said emails to the organisation) using a link
  • Quizzes (e.g. used to give bank on what user has learnt) 
  • Questionnaire (e.g. used to ask user their opinion about website, product, etc)
  • Games (e.g. educational games, advertising games) 

Website facilities 

  • Master pages and templates- these give structure for creating web pages that follow a style
  • Home page- the main page of a website
  • Site navigation- how easy it is to move around a website with the minimum number of clicks 
  • Hyperlinks- allow you to jump from one part of the website to another or to a different website
  • Hotspots- are an image or piece of text used as a link on a webpage
  • Rollover buttons/ images- a section that changes its appearance when a cursor is moved over it
  • Bookmarks/ favourites- these are used to keep a record of interesting webpages you come across when browsing
  • Anchor links- if a web page is long this allows you to jump to a certain section of the page
  • Leaderboards and banners- an area on a website that displaus adverts and allows you to link to that company or organisation 
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The golden triangle

The Golden Triangle is when users search for information using a search engine and they are presented with a list of results. Experiments show that where users look on a set of results they tend to concentrate on the top left hand side of the screen. It shows the importance of getting your website to feature in this golden triangle of results. 

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Navigation bars and HTML

Navigation bars

Web browsers contain a toolbar called the navigation bar containing buttons that you use to move around the site and perform certain actions. These buttons typically include:

  • Back
  • Forward
  • Refresh
  • Home
  • Stop 
  • Search


HyperTextMarkupLanguage is a special code used for making web pages and is used to specify the layout and structure of a webpage using what are known as 'tags' 

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Hosting of websites and uploading times

Hosting of websites

A website is a computer that contains the information that users of the internet can access using their web browser. A web server needs to be permanently connected to the intenret so that all users are able to access the information. Web servers for ISP's contain many websites. If you develop your own website then the site will usually be stored on the web server of the ISP that you use. 

Uploading times 

The uploading time is the time it takes to take a website that has been produced on a computer and then transfer it over a network to a web server. Uploading time will depend on the following:

  • The resolution of any images used
  • Animations of movies used 
  • The number of webpages on the website
  • The complexity of the design
  • The amount of content on the webpage
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Advantages and disadvantages


  • Makes the information available to a huge number of people
  • Enables anyone who has access to the internet to be able to access the information
  • Uses multimedia features to make the site interesting to users 


  • Some features such as Flash movies can take time to load and this can put off users from using the site
  • People who do not have access to the internet are at a huge disadvantage
  • Some of the features such as links to movies may not be accessible to those users who do not have a fast broadband connection
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