Topic 13: Web Software

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Web browser software is a program that allows access to WebPages stored on the internet.


  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari

Two types of web software:

  • Browser software - used to search for and view websites
  • Web development software - used to create WebPages/websites

Features of web browser software:

  • Can access a webpage using a URL
  • Can perform key word searches
  • Can follow links
  • Can use a series of menus on websites

Creating websites:

  • When creating a website the following should be considered very carefully:

House style - websites need to convey an image that reflects the organisation. It needs to fit in with other material produced by the organisation such as brochures, business cards, adverts etc.

Audience - you always need to know who your main audience will be and tailor the content, look and navigation to suit them.

Size - you need to consider the number of pages. Remember that websites often start small but begin to grow rapidly as they become popular.

Techniques used - there is a huge difference between a website for a large company produced by professional website designers and a personal website produced by someone with few design and technical skills

Interactive features:

  • Games
  • Questionnaire
  • Quizzes
  • Emails
  • Online forms

Website facilities:

  • Master pages and templates - these supply a structure for creating web pages that will follow a certain style
  • Home page - the main page of a website and the most important page
  • Site navigation - how easy it is to move around a website, with the minimum number of clicks
  • Hyperlinks - allow you to jump from one part of…


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