Wasteful World

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Types of Waste:

  • Biodegradable
  • Non-biodegradable
  • Domestic- produced by households
  • Industrial
  • Solid
  • Liquid
  • Municipal waste- collected from homes, schools+ businesses, e.g. packaging, paper, organic waste+ bulky waste

What is domestic waste made up of?

  • Board
  • Glass
  • Metal packaging
  • Dense plastic
  • E-waste- any product containing electrical parts
  • Most are discarded when they are still in working conditions, because they are not the newest models
  • Made up of different parts-> have to be dismantled-> different parts are separated before they can be reused-> expensive
  • Some contains toxic metals, e.g. mercury-> has to be disposed of with great care

Bracknell Forest Council in Berkshire

  • Works with Reading and Wokingham council for the disposal of waste
  • Created re3- a waste management partnership- have agreements with different companies that recycle waste
  • 2 household recycling centres:

1) Smallmead, Island Road, Reading

2) Longshot Lane, Bracknell (replacing the old facility on the site)

  • One-way system
  • Excellent signage-> makes the disposal+ recycling of rubbish as easy as possible
  • 150 recycle sites around the 3 authorities located at convenient sites, e.g. large supermarkets, e.g. M&S
  • Clear directions on each local authority's website as to what can be recycled+ where
  • Operates an alternate waste collection scheme-> encourages residents to…


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