Virtue Ethics

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Virtue Ethics


  • "Morality has suffered a catastrophy, we have lost our theoretical and pratical morality, we are in the dark ages of moral wisdom"
  • Macntyre looked at Greeks such as Achillies as he revered this age where you are seen as you are what you do 
  • The spectrum of moral virtues and vices, we devlop them through practicing our moral virtues which is known as 'arate'


  • Creeated Nichomanean ethics, anything that we do, we do in order to acheive the supreme good
  • everything we do is subordante to the supreme good 
  • "We develop our virtues and so we must do so like archers to better hit our target"
  • We develop out arate in order to live good and happy lives- our moral virtues outline the content of our character 
  • Aristotle created a list of 12 virtues and vices such as courage and temperance 
  • We have vices when our arate fall into excess or defiency so we need to find the mean and a golden balance in order


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