View from a bridge

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View from a bridge 


  • Sense of wider community= important
  • Eddie= Centre stage- until immigrants
  • Alfieri= character and narrator
  • Duty of commmunity to help with immigrants, widely accepted
  • Viny B- Basis of irony/ foreshadow end.
  • ALfierei= similair to beatrice- both calm in contrast to unruly/selfless
  • Miller refused to snitch on his communist friends
  • Say who makes feel about E
  • Crafting- Vinny
  • Change in behaviour from eddie as soon as R enters
  • Building to a climax
  • Original= 1 act in form of tradgedy
  • Miller spent 2 years as a longshoreman
  • Macbeth
  • View from bridge
  • strugg;e of ordinary people

Law and Justice

  • Basis for play- illegal immigrants
  • Justice- strong sense of community in RH
  • Alfeirei summarises tf= imp- law suspicion justice= y
  • Sense of happening everywhere
  • CHange of atmosphere= very quick just coulple of lines + Miller builds up gradually
  • Alfieri despite power feels helpless
  • Marco kill E=illegal
  • Alfieri= above- only god makes justice
  • sees difference but still advices

Rodolpho + Catherine

  • Immedieate- Married?
  • Singing
  • Becomes v serious
  • Rodolpho= Catalyst

Eddie v Alfieri

  • Speech- Alfieri v Eddie= coloquial
  • Voice of reason
  • Clearly right
  • Alfieri represents both eddie + Marco- Mediator
  • Alfieri suprised-doesnt codemn admires it a bit
  • Wholly- not settle…


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