Sonnet: Composed Upon Westminster Bridge

by William Wordsworth

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  • Sonnet: Composed Upon Westminster Bridge
    • Title
      • Sonnets usually tell a story about love
      • Written on the bridge about what he sees at the time
      • In London
      • Sonnet = Indication that he loves the sight from the bridge
    • Content / Subject matter
      • Octave
        • Describes the sight of London in the sunrise
      • Sestet
        • Tone Change
          • More excited - especially in the last couplet
    • Intention/overall message
      • Romantic View
      • The most dreary and mundane of things can be enjoyed if they are viewed differently
    • Effect
      • Voice/viewpoint
      • Diction
        • Change in tone
          • Octave and sestet
          • In awe
          • Excited
      • Sound/rhythm
        • Iambic Pentametre
      • Structure
        • Petrarchan Sonnet
          • a sonnet consisting of an octave with the rhyme pattern abbaabba, followed by a sestet with the rhyme pattern cdecde or cdcdcd
          • abbaabba / cdcdcd
      • Form
        • Sonnet
          • 14 lines
        • Love
          • Sonnet
            • 14 lines
      • Imagery
        • Sibilance
          • "sight so"
            • Adds impact
            • Sounds like the speaker is sighing
        • Metaphors
          • "bare"
            • Gives the impression that the city is empty
              • Likes it that was as it is different
        • Similies
          • "like a garment wear"
            • As if London is putting on a different piece of clothing
              • London is not always the way the speaker saw it that day
        • Personification
          • "Never did sun more beautifully steep"
            • Implication of the fact that it is the sun trying to do these things and is credited for doing them
        • Hyperbole
          • "not anything to show more fair:"
            • Implies that he is enjoying the sight and he has never seen anything more beautiful
            • Colon = about to explain the opening statement
          • Diction
            • Change in tone
              • Octave and sestet
              • In awe
              • Excited


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