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  • A View from the bridge
    • Context/ background
      • A view from the bridge originated out of millers own experience
      • The harsh period in Miller’s life when his parent’s business failed fueled Millers’ cynicism toward the American dream.
      • Miller had many low paid menial jobs - one of these jobs included working on the docks.
        • He became fascinated by longshoreman, where he learned the story of Italian dockworkers, who had been working illegally and had been reported to the authorities.
      • He later attended the University of Michigan and initially studied journalism but later did Literature/English and focussed on playwriting.
        • Most of his plays focus on his strong political ideals, social issues and problems in society.
      • His plays were influenced by the Greek tragedy
        • The downfall of the central character
        • A character with a fatal personality/flaw.
        • A sense of fate that goes against the main character.
      • AVFTB is one of Millers’ most well-known plays.
    • Structure
      • The first act - allows the audience to get to know characters and realize eddies self-destruction.
      • Two acts.
      • The second act - ends with eddies death, which although not expected, is still a shock to the audience.
      • Action is held together by Alfieri’s narration (as chorus);
        • creates dramatic irony (things audience know that the characters don't).
        • we know what’s going to happen but it’s difficult to watch each person make the wrong choice and lead down the path we know.
    • Form
      • Play is a Tragedy
        • Main character = tragic hero
        • The tragic hero is not evil but has a fatal flaw
        • Hero suffers, learns of his fatal flaw (catharsis) and usually dies
        • Fate - things have to happen in this way
        • The audience feels pity for the tragic hero
        • Chorus - informs the audience of what is happening and how they should be feeling (Alfieri)


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