Urine analysis

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  • it's much easier to collect a urine sample than a bloood sample
  • simple urine tests give early indications of health problems, whicn can then be investigated further
  • presence of glucose and ketones in urine indicates the person may have diabetes
    • if blood glucose concentration increases above a certain value, the renal threshold, not all glucose is absorbed from filtrate in the proximal convolueted tubule and some will be present in the urine
  • presence of protein in urine indicates that there's something wrong with the kidneys
    • most protein molecules are too large to be filtered
    • however some proteins are filtered, but these are reabsorbed by endocytosis in the proximal convoluted tubule, broken down and the amino acids absorbed into the blood
    • it's not unusual for some protein to be present in urine for short periods of time e.g. during a high fever, after vigorous exercise and during pregnancy
    • but large quantities or long term presence of protein in the urine indicates that there may be a disease affecting the glomeruli or a kidney infection
    • protein in urine is also associated with high blood pressure, which is a…


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