unit 6

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who definition- a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infermity.

biomedical model-

  • absence of disease
  • treats sick rather than preventing ill health
  • seen as caused by a single factor
  • considers the mind and body to be seperate systems

illness- a sensation which may have physical and/or psychological causes

disease- set of symptoms that can be diagnosable, physical or psychological problem

disorder- a malfunction of a body tissue, organ or system

infection- caused by invasion of the body by other organisms called pathogens, eg

  • ecoli- caused by bacteria, transmitted by eating contaminated food, enters by the gastrointestinal tract, symptoms include vommiting and diorrhea
  • influenza- caused by a virus, transmitted by water droplets, enters by the respiratory tract, symptoms include fever, tiredness and nausea

deficiency- caused by lack of an important nutriet that we cant make in the body, eg

  • rickets- caused by vitamin D deficiency, vitamin D is needed to absorb calcium, results on bones becoming deformed
  • scurvy- caused bt vitamin C deficiency, vitamin C is needed to absorb iron…


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