UNIT 2 Health and Social Care Legislations

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  • Unit 2 Legislations
    • The Care Act
      • Outlines the way local authorities should carry out carers assessments
      • Says who is eligible for support
    • The Health and Social Care Act
      • Puts clinicians at the centre of commissionin
      • Empowers patients
    • The Equality Act
      • Protects people from dicrimination
      • Puts all the anti-discriminatory acts in one legislation
    • The Mental Capacity Act
      • Supports people who are unable to make decisions
      • Restore power to vulnerable people
    • The Children Act
      • Improving wellbeing of children
      • Tells organisations they should be safeguarding them
    • The Human Rights Act
      • Lets you defend your rights in UK courts
      • Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect
    • The Children and Family Act
      • Support to children who's parents are separating
      • Protects vulnerable chidren
    • The Data Protection Act
      • Data should be kept no longer than necessary
      • Kept secure


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