TV Drama: Mise-en-scene

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What is Mise-en-scene?

  • It is a French word that translates literally as "putting on stage."
  • When applied to TV Drama, mise-en-scene refers to everything that appears before the camera - the visual signs that give us information about the programme.

Analysing Mise-en-scene

The following are four ways in which we can analyse the mise-en-scene within a TV Drama. These add up to an instantly recognisable atmosphere which is 'authentic' for the events, themes and people that are being represented.

- Body language

- Colour and lighting

- Costumes and props (including make-up)

- Setting 

Mise en scene is an important aspect of TV Drama as it is one of the key ways a programme will communicate with its audience.

When analysing mise en scene you must consider body language, setting, colour/lighting and costume/props/make up.

The body language used by characters can tell…


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