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TV Drama


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Mise En Scene

Location- setting ( scene )


Make up


Proxemics- closeness of characters

Gesture and posture

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High key- appears to be natural but rarely is (reduce shadows- flatters the character)

Low key- using a lighting system to create shadows/ moody atmosphere

Back light- creating silhouettes

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Camera Shots

Aerial- Taken from overhead position

Close up- Head and shoulders

Extreme close up- Part of face or body

Establishing shot- shows where the scene is set

Two shot- engaging in conversation

Over the shoulder shot- over the characters shoulder

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Camera Angles And Movement

High angle- looks down on a subject/ object

Low angle- looks up at a subject/ object

Track- following a subject/object

Zoom- closer/ further away

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Continuity edit- passing of time

Jump cut- abrput cut

Cross cutting- different scene happning at the same time

Cutaways- cut in the same scene

Eye line match- shows what the character is looking at

Shot reverse shot- conversation

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Diegetic- characters can hear

Non diegetic- sound characters can't hear

Dialogue- speech

Voiceover- narration

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