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  • Nature of Nicholas II's regime and effectiveness of his rule
    • Personality
      • Limited understanding of extreme poverty
      • Relied heavily on small number of advisors
      • Tutored by Pobedonostsev
      • Supported by Council of Ministers
    • Tsar's beliefs
      • Keeping absolute power-divine right
      • Maintaining Tsarist system
      • Did not support political reform
    • Tsar's dictatorship
      • 1894-1905, refused Parliament
      • Relied on Okhrana to maintain security
      • Supported censorship
      • Willing to use army and Cossacks to control people
      • Encouraged pogroms against the Jews
      • Supported the establishment of the 'Black Hundreds'
    • Weaknesses in the political system
      • Slow decisions
      • Bribery and corruption of civil servants widespread
      • Tsar could be indecisive
    • Impact of Tsar's rule
      • Refused to grant reform
      • Growing frustration
      • Many supported political opposition
    • Nicholas II and Tsarina
      • Tsarina German-could influence Tsar
    • Nicholas II and Orthodox Church
      • Very important role in Russia
      • Church promoted that Tsar had been chosen by God
      • Many started to question the right of the Tsar to rule over them


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