Touching the void

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General notes:

  • 2 monologues
  • autobiographical
  • relatively short paragraphs

Joe's account:

  • 1st paragraph
    • in media res, mimickes fall as it would be sudden
    • simple first sentence
    • disjointed
    • action words
    • thought are in short sentences
  • 2nd paragraph
    • first sentence juxtaposes the previous paragraph
    • complex sentence shows the pain is buidling
    • last sentence is like he is screaming
  • 3rd paragraph
    • discrptive
    • long narrative sentences
    • objective feeling sentence
    • at the end the tenton drops.
  • 4th paragaph
    • his thoughts are disjointed- elipsis
    • 1st sentence is a metaphor
  • 5th paragraph
    • "my knee exploded" very dramatic and…


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