Topic 1- the development of the Cold War, Yalta and Potsdam

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The Yalta conference 4-11 February 1945

Represented a high point in inter allied cooperation, it's outcomes seemed to reaffirm the belief that the grand alliance was still alive and well and that it's members were committed to a lasting consensus in international relations in the post war order.

Decisions made at Yalta:

Germany would be divided into four zones, each occupied by an allied power

Berlin would be divided similarly

Roosevelt's plans for a United Nations organisation were approved

Ussr gained land in Poland whilst they expanded to the west and north

Declaration on liberated Europe agreed

Post-Yalta conference

Early signs that the grand alliance would not last

Conflicting aims of the allies

Stalin and USSR- war had devastated Soviet Union, stalins priority was the long term security of the USSR- led to commitment for a soviet sphere of influence


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