Topic 14 – Particle model


14.1 Use a simple kinetic theory model to explain the different states of matter (solids, liquids and gases) in terms of the movement and arrangement of particles 

14.2 Recall and use the equation:  density (kilogram per cubic metre, kg/m3) = mass (kilogram, kg) ÷ volume (cubic metre, m3) 

14.3 Core Practical: Investigate the densities of solid and liquids 

14.4 Explain the differences in density between the different states of matter in terms of the arrangements of the atoms or molecules 

14.5 Describe that when substances melt, freeze, evaporate, boil, condense or sublimate mass is conserved and that these physical changes differ from some chemical changes because the material recovers its original properties if the change is reversed 

 14.6 Explain how heating a…


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