Powerpoint on everything you'll ever need to know (Edexcel P1)

Woo! So I just found this in a year 10 file when I log into my school's website email thingy. Teacher didn't tell us that it was there, so People who have been asking for the Edexcel New Syllabus Core Physics powerpint- Here it is ! All credit goes to my science teacher, all 190 slides...


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Universal Physics
(EdExcel)…read more

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Topic 1 ­ Visible Light and the
Solar System
· LO: To know the history of space
· Starter: name as many people associated
with space as you can.…read more

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Learning Outcomes…read more

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Our understanding of the universe
Up until the 16th Century people believed that
the Earth was the centre of the universe ­ this
is called the "Geocentric model" and I made a
model of the universe based on it.
Ptolemy, AD 90-168
I published my "On the revolutions of the
celestial spheres" just before my death and
showed that the Earth and other planets orbit
around the sun ­ the "Heliocentric model".
Copernicus, 1473-1543…read more

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Evidence for the Heliocentric Model
I helped develop the modern telescope
and made measurements with it that
proved that the Copernican model of
the solar system was correct.
Galileo, 1564-1642
Jupiter and its moons, as seen The orbits of
through a telescope these moons…read more

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Observing the Universe
What are the
advantages and
disadvantages of
each of these
A complex
camera will
be in here…read more

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Preview of page 9

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Preview of page 10




Thank you very much, this will be perfect for my revision!



This is very, very helpful for my revision, thank you



great powerpoint, helps loads with my revision, thanks for putting it up for everyone!!



really helps just like a lesson

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