To Kill A Mockingbird

Character Studies, key poibnts and important quotes!

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The novel "To Kill A Mockingbird" is told from the perspective of Scout Finch, and it is written in first person. As a result Scout is able to give opinions of the people around her and due to the fact that Scount is a young child the reader allows for exaggeration. The novel shows events over several years that aid to to the devvelopment and Growth of Scout and her brother Jem. An example of Scout growing up is that at the beggining of the novel she is a 'tomboy' yet at the end of the novel she takes on a more feminine role and approach to life.

We also see viewpoints from other characters as direct quotes. The novel gives a huge range of opintions, sometimes these are predictable (such as the missionary circle) or unpredictable (Mr. Dolphus Raymond). 

Scout is four years younger than Jem. In Scouts account of the trial she gies reference to the fact that she has been reading 'The Pickwick Papers' by Charles Dickens, een though she is very young. For such a young person it is highly supoprising that she not only remembers pars of the book but that she also can make comparisons with the novel and direct life.

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Questions to consider about viewpoint

How do viewpoints that you read the novel from change?
Does Harper Lee give convincing viewpoints of characters, even young characters?
Does Harper Lee give freedom for the reader to make their own choices of the characters?

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what page did she make reference to this charles Dickens book in the Novel?



what page did she make reference to this charles Dickens book in the Novel?

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