To kill a mockingbird

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  • To kill a mockingbird
    • Characters:
      • Finch Family
        • Jem
          • At the start Jem is fine taking Scout to school but when they get there he wants her to stay with her grade and leave him alone. He is 10 years old. he is protective of scout and has a clear knowledge of appropriate actions
        • Atticus
          • Atticus is well educated and is a lawyer. He can read. He is fair in his profession and caters differently for his clients needs. He isn't racist.
        • Scout
          • Scout is 6 years old. She has a bad first day at school and Miss Caroline tells her off for being outspoken. Scout can already read and write but she is told she is too far ahead. She is very eager to learn.She stands up for the Cunningham boy.
        • Aunt Alexandra
      • Radley Family
        • Boo Radley
        • Nathan Radley
      • Ewell Family
        • Bob Ewell
        • Mayella Ewell
        • Untitled
      • Cunningham Family
        • Walter Cunningham
    • Themes:
      • Mockingbirds
        • Tom Robbinson- falsely accused because of the colour of his skin.
        • Boo Radley- Innocent and tries to do good for the children
      • Bravery
      • Racism
      • Education
      • Family
      • Childhood


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