Tips and tricks for gcse maths exams

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Be prepared!

Have pens and sharpened pencils at the ready. Don't use pens that leak or ones with broad tips. By the same measure, don't use untried new pens. They may let you down. Use a pen that you know is reliable.

Write clearly!

You might be the next Einstein or Dirac but unless you write clearly we will never know! Anything the examiner cannot read he/she cannot mark. If you are a poor writer, please take the time to write neatly.

Read the question !

This is not wasted time. Read the whole question once to get a rough idea what it is about. Then read it again from the beginning - slowly. It is a good idea to tick off each line, including information in diagrams. Do not start until you are sure you thoroughly understand what is asked.

Be Accurate!

Again, read the question! If it asks for 2 decimal palaces or 3 significant figures, then that is what it wants. Before going on to the next question, check you answer with the original question.

Simultaneous Equations

The answers to exam questions tend to be nice rounded numbers. If they have a decimal, it is usually ends in .5, but these are rare. Answers with a line of decimals are probably wrong, so check for errors.

Inverse % questions

These are 'backward looking' problems. With current values given in the question, you have to calculate some original value before the decrease/increase occurred. Again, the answers tend to be rounded numbers. If you get a train of decimals, check back in your working.


Simply check that your answer is between 1 and 0; and…





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very useful, thanks :)



Thank you , i found this material very useful and very informative, this is advice I would expect from a teacher , not a student...

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Brillient advice thanks I'll bear this in mind ;)

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Great advice some points I have never been told in there

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This is really helpful, thank you so much!!

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