IGCSE Maths- Quick Revision 1

My quick overview of a few IGCSE maths topics. These are only a few and hopefully I will make more for the other topics soon.

Basically each page has some very brief info and a link to a good revision page or video for the topic.

If you have no idea about a topic there are two recommended websites on the contents page too...

Enjoy ... if you like revision :\

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Quick Revision
Part 1
You may do whatever the heck you want with this booklet.
Just give it 5-stars if it helped

In full colour, to trick your brain

Into thinking that it is made by

a real textbook company...

With random links!

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In this dodgy (don't complain- it was
free!!!) PDF file, you will find the
following annoying topics:

Converting Indices
Quadratic Equations
Areas of S ectors
Circle Theorem
Algebraic Fractions
You may do whatever the heck you want with this booklet.
Just give it 5-stars if it helped

Irrational Numbers

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Converting Indices

length area
area volume
You may do whatever the heck you want with this booklet.

Just give it 5-stars if it helped

Theyare aresimilar
<-3cm-> shapes
shapesso sowe
use <---7cm--->

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Quadratic Equations
If numbers (factors) multiplied together equal zero, then at
least one of the factors must equal zero. Using this fact we can
solve this type of equation.

You can recognise a quadratic equation because it will contain
a factor ("part or thing in the equation") that is squared!…

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Areas of S ectors
To find the area of a sector you need to
know the equation for the area of a
circle... Pi x r^2 r=10

Or in words Pi times radius squared.

So the area of this circle is 314 cm^2

Types of Question

What is the area…

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Circle Theorem
There are too many rules to fit on this page.
Most of them are simple and you will probably
recognise them when they come up.

But be careful sometimes they are hidden
amongst many other lines and measurements.

The link below takes you to a very useful PDF…

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Algebraic Fractions

Link: ExamSolutions Algebra Video

This topic might be in
The next PDF coming soon!

For now you can watch the video or
You may do whatever the heck you want with this booklet.

visit one of the websites mentioned
on the contents page
Just give it 5-stars if…

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Irrational Numbers
Irrational numbers are numbers that can't be expressed as a fraction.

Basically these are recurring numbers, like Pi, that go on forever...

1.5 = 1 ½
2 = 2/1
2.2145640836040608597057840769.... = as a fraction ????

Types of Question

Simplify/ Reduction

Use common factors to reduce.
You may…

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Exam tips: at the end of your paper you may notice a
page marked: BLANK PAGE, as shown above. This is a
trick question,as the page is not actually blank.

Unfortunately most exam boards only give [0] marks for
this challenging question.

Please read the exam tips


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