• gynasium scene-alma, dolores,moia, june etc 
  • sleeping in barracks beaneath flannel sheets and army blankets 
  • conteomplate yeearning for flreedom 
  • reach out and try and touch hands 
  • aunts electric cattle prods 
  • guards outside 
  • twice daily walks 


  • powerful motifs 
  • gym=palimpset
  • for all gileads hiercahy-fails to readicate normal human acitivity of pre gilead period 
  • secen infused with sight and smells and sexuality of past 
  • juxposition inncoence and brutality-'aunts' but sadistsic 
  • ullusion of pretction barned wire
  • sara and elizabeth-old testamnet names represneting motherhood/modern cosmetci products 
  • third motid heomtrci absolutes-insitnce on indoctrination 


  • offred a handmids 
  • her red habit, and sets herself goal not to think to much
  • tries to avoid seran etc 
  • five weeks prior to openeing scsne-arrived at house and serean ' i want to see as little of you as possible'
  • 'buisness transaction'
  • when walking with oflegn passes nick-winks provcatibley 
  • she faers he a sphy 
  • town dveoid of humanity 
  • sets her on mem of pat-whe had nail varnish etd 
  • when waiting in line sees janine 'vastly pregant'
  • past chirhc and wall


  • sertility and coerism of an enforoced notion of motherhood 
  • refuses to think of ceel as 'my'
  • persisient colour motif=menstruation
  • blood colour 'defines us'
  • her name 'of fred' and 'off red'-hint at her rebellion
  • bland nurtious diet 


  • recalls college with moira and childhood in park-mum in millitant feminist gathering burn pornograohic mags 
  • then shifts to offs failed escape to canda and being drugged into oblivion -so she would forget abduction of daughter 
  • clinging to sanity-tells her story to an invicisble narrative 


  • period of violnce seperate her two lifes
  • atwood composes loose shreds of mental scenarios to ally her three friends/fam
  • her child gone=may have been shanghaied into another gam


  • off joins ofgeln to walk by wall
  • preist and 2 homosexauls 
  • econowives [ats mourning stillborn fetus 'under his eye'
  • pass nick and gives groceries t rita
  • she goes uopstairs and passes commander outside her room
  • recrtaets into memroys and thinks about pre maritial affaior with luke 
  • 'suffering attack of the past'
  • recalls one say finding pice of latin from her predescrro 'notile de la...'
  • summer=she escroted to doctors poffice for medial exmaination
  • doctor 'i coild help you'
  • she consider this but thinks about penalty 
  • she then in bath and avoids gazing at body as 'determines er so compeltley
  • rita suopervises her bath and then prep for cermony 


  • in forerm time=life full of optimsims etc 
  • she failed to apprecate womens rights and prvailges like having a job 
  • paid scnat attention to omnious political chnages and chnage in social climate=rise in misogyny 
  • when given dinner has womanly ufge to keep butter for body cream=small indulgence=lighten her feelings of tedium
  • too iient on survivla though to do it with doc
  • exmaines tatoo pass umber on ankle and like ww111
  • she retains sne of indiaulity duirng cereminy-composes herself in soulles receptable for his sperm


'SECT WARS'-interdonminational battles-gileads fundamentalists fight against jews, etc 

'NOTILE TE BASTARDS CARBORDUNDORUM'-botched version of latin meaning 'dont let bastrds…


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