Thigpen and Cleckley

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  • to document the psychotherapeutic treatment of a 25 year old woman who presented with a history or servere headaches and blackouts but was later discovered to have multiple personality disorder


  • Case study


  • Eve White (3 personalities - Eve Black and Jane)
  • 25 year old american woman
  • doctors puzzled by headaches/blackouts so referred to Thigpen and Cleckley


  • EW appeared depressed/withdrawn - suffering from marital difficulties
  • between first few sessions receieved letter from EW with final paragraph in 3rd person/different handwriting
  • EW said she was hearing voices, during therapy had headache and Eve Black (2nd personality) came out, EW spoke of EB in 3rd person
  • It was EB's decision when to go back into the sub-consciousness 
  • 2 very different personalities - EW = gentral and introvert, EB = flirtatious and extrovert. Thigpen and Cleckley were accused of being biased - subjective?
  • Independent experts conducted psychometric testing (IQ/Memory) and projective tests
  • After 8 months 3rd personality came out (Jane) - more mature/sensible
  • T&C wanted to make Jane dominant personality - ETHICS?
  • More psychometric testing + EEGS
  • Over 14 months 100+ hours of interviews


  • EW husband reported she had bought clothes, prompted EW to speak about hearing voices and EB came out for first time…


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