Thigpen & Cleckley

Thigpen & Cleckley

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Thigpen & Cleckley

Aim: To report on the diagnosis and therapy of a single case of Multiple Personality Disorder

Participant: Christine Seizemore aged 25 years old. Orignally referred to therapist for sever headaches and memory loss of a recent trip.


  • Case study
  • Treatment involved therapeutic interviews and hypnosis
  • Family members interviewed for background and to corrobrate information

Variety of tests used including

  • Psychometric testing: Weschler intelligence test and Weschler memory test
  • Projective testing: Rosrach, personality
  • EEG: THerapy lasted 14 months and approximately 100 hours of sessions
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Thigpen & Cleckley


  • Eve White had a higher IQ 110 than Eve Black 104
  • The roschach test revealed that Eve White had a repressive personality whereas Eve Black had a regressive personality


  • Proves the existence of Multiple Personality Disorder as before there were doubts of its existence
  • Thigpen and Cleckley were able to cure Eve and balance her personalities with Jane
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