Theorists: Social Class, Ethnicity and Gender

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Becker: Suggests that teachers favour the 'ideal student' (Based upon their language, appearence and social class)

Bourdieu: Middle class students have an advantage because they posses the right kind of 'cultural capital' (Language, skills, knowledge and attitude)

Sugerman: Working class students live for the moment (Immediate gratification), whilst middle class students plan for the future (differed gratification)


Ball: Ethnic-minority parents are disadvantaged when trying to get their children into 'better' schools. This is because they lack the knowledge of the British education system.

Gillborn: Found that teachers negativly label black students. Negative labelling can lead to the self-fulfilling prophecey that leads to poor academic attainment and deviancy.

Wright: Found that black and Asian students were paid less attention than their…


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