The Woman in Black Quick Plot Summary

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  • Kipps is in his home at Monk's Piece with his new family, Esme his wife, and his four step-children
  • He talks about the moment he first saw Monk's Piece when he was out with Mr Bentley after the main events of the novel had occured
  • He talks about his marriage with Esme
  • The children tell ghost stories round the fire
  • Kipps begins to feel uneasy as he remembers his experiences
  • The children urge Kipps to tell a story, but he refuses and has to go outside
  • He decides he must exorcise the memory of what has happened to him
  • He returns to the house and begins writing his story


  • Kipps is recounting the start of his story
  • He is in a cab on the way to King's Cross.  London is in the midst of a 'London particular', a thick fog
  • He recounts the morning's events when he saw Mr Bentley
  • Mr Bentley told him that he was to go to Eel Marsh House in a rural part of England in order to attend the funeral of Alice Drablow and sort her papers and retrieve the relevant ones
  • Mr Bentley leaves some details about the Drablow's out, or feels reluctant to talk about them.  Nevertheless, Kipps doesn't feel afraid and departs to King's Cross in anticipation


  • Kipps is in a carriage from London to Crewe.  He has a comfortable journey
  • As he changes train and goes from Homerby to Crythin Gifford, he begins to feel uncomfortable in the carriage and talks about the violent weather
  • He meets Samuel Daily for the first time, who also seems reluctant to talk about some things about the Drablows, but he befriends Daily
  • Daily offers to drop Kipps off at the Gifford Arms, where he will stay


  • He finds the Gifford Arms very comfortable and enjoys a good night's sleep
  • He prepares himself to attend the funeral and meets Mr Jerome, the local solicitor who will inform Kipps about the affair
  • He finds the funeral sad because no one has turned up apart from him and Mr Jerome
  • He notices another woman, dressed in black at the back of the church.  He remarks about her 'wasting disease' and pale skin
  • The woman disappears and Kipps decides to escort her at the end of the service
  • As the coffin is being buried, Kipps sees the woman again. He also sees a group of children, who are similarly pale and expressionless
  • He tells Mr Jerome about the woman.  Mr Jerome has a violent reaction and the colour fades from his face.  He grabs Kipps and asks him to walk back with him.  Kipps turns back and the woman is there again
  • As they return back to the market square, Mr Jerome regains his strength
  • Kipps returns to the Gifford Arms and has lunch with the farmers who are in town for


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