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  • Macbeth
    • Character Summaries and Analysis
      • Lady Macbeth
        • Ambitious, talks about "The future in the instant"
        • The ambtious wife of Macbeth who encourages him to kill the king. She commits suicide.
      • Macbeth
        • Brave in battle "noble Macbeth"
          • Tempted by ambition "black and deep desires" to be king.
            • Led by his wife "Leave all the rest to me"
              • Has hallucinations "Is this a dagger which i see before me?"
            • Has a conscience as he cannot say "Amen" after the murder.
              • Has regret, he would "wake Duncan" if only he could.
        • The tragic hero of the play, warrior whose ambitions lead him to kill Duncan and take the throne for himself.
      • Banquo
        • Macbeth's close friend and ally.
        • Macbeth's friend and fellow soldier. The witches prophecy that his sons will be kings and so Macbeth murdered him.
      • The Witches
        • They embody evil and demonic intelligence.
      • Macduff
        • Honourable thane- the man of destiny "not born of woman"
    • Context
    • Themes
    • Plot Summary
    • Structure
      • Imagery
      • Language
      • Symbolism
  • He changes throughout the play- he becomes more confident and quick to act
  • Becomes rude, calls a servant "whey-face"
  • Not afraid to die "I'll fight till from my bones my flesh be hack'd"
  • Manipulates her husband "screw your courage to the sticking plate"
  • Calculating, she looks "innocent" but be a "serpent"
  • Can remain in control as she does not panic and orders him around.
  • Shows no remorse " Give me the daggers"
  • Sees Macbeth as a coward, talks of her "shame" at his "heart so white"
  • Powerful, tells the lords to "speak not" and "go at once"
  • Becomes deranged, tries to wash imaginary blood off her hands and commits suicide.
  • Knows about witches and predictions but doesn't believe at first.
  • He never becomes as tempted as Macbeth and becomes suspicious of him.
  • He is very brave and a completely loyal soldier.
  • Banquo makes it clear that he wants to keep his "allegiance clear" to the king.
  • Banquo is a foil to Macbeth.
  • Introduce the play and control the mysterious forces of the world.
  • Tell Macbeth the future and put him under his spell.
  • Wife and children murdered and kills Macbeth.


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