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Of Mice and Men…read more

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Plot summary…read more

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Chapter 1 ­ the calm before the storm
· George and Lennie spend night by pool before starting work at
new ranch
· George annoyed with Lennie, leave quickly from last job
· Lennie persuades George to tell dream farm…read more

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Chapter 2 ­ introductions
· George and Lennie arrive at ranch late ­ makes boss angry
· Candy explains to boys what life like on ranch
· George and Lennie meet all main people on ranch, e.g. Curley,
his wife ad Slim
· Curley tries to pick fight with Lennie
· Curley's wife flirts with ranchers and gets Lennie's attention…read more

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Chapter three ­ dreams and a dead dog
· George talks to Slim ­ find out what happened in Weed
· Carlson wants to shoot Candy's dog ­ finally Candy agrees and
Carlson takes dog away
· George and Lennie talk about dream, Candy overhears and
asks to get in, offering money
· Curley starts fight with Lennie, who crushes Curley's hand ­
Slim convinces Curley say got caught in machine…read more

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Chapter four ­ the dream is spoiled
· Lennie wanders into Crook's room ­ 1st Crooks wants Lennie to
go but lets him stay
· Candy joins, feels very uncomfortable in Crooks' room ­
eventually talk about George d Lennie's dream
· Curley's wife comes in ­ Candy stands up to her and she
undermines dreams and hopes
· Other men return from town and wife leaves ­ George tells
Lennie off for being in Crooks' room and telling others of dream-
Crooks says not interested in dream anyway…read more

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