The Rose Tattoo Characters- Serafina and Rosa

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Nature- passionate heroine
Personality- passionate, caring, protective
Relationships with other characters:
Rosa- Cares for her deeply and wants to protect her from the outside world (I want nobody to take advantage of that!)
Jack- Dislikes him at first because he is a sailor (You, a sailor-critical of them, believing they wanted to have sex), thinks he steal her innocence (My girl is a virgin! She is-or she was- I would like to know which!), puts up with him because of his vow (I am satisfied now...)
Alvaro- attracted to him because of his body(he has the body of my husband, but the head of a village idiot), but is annoyed by his actions(You talk a sweet mouth about women. Then you drop such a thing from your pocket?), ultimately taking him back (vengo, vengo amore!)
Function of the character- protagonist and to be passionate heroine
Character impact- Make people feel sorry for her and sympathise with…


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