Machinal Costume - Episode 5


Richard Roe

  • casual/ worn - threadbare socks/ mismatching suit jacket
  • 'who knows' - riding together 'quien sabe'
  • cultured and well travelled, loves freedom and always keeping moving
  • Extravagantly tied cravatte- luxurious large handkerchief / so much hair gel it's reflective
  • '(sd) 'singing to the music of the hand organ' "Little Heaven - it's what lovers call each other in Spain."
  • creative & musical - contrast with business-like Mr J previously - upper class? -DIFFERENT & nonconformative
  • silk vest / luxury material not immediately visible -worn for comfort not show
  • 'everything's us to you, kid - ain't it?' ' I did [bought it] '- the lily
  • an individual - does things for himself - indulgent
  • rose pinned to suit/ prom coursage routinely offered/ inside pocket of jacket full of individual roses to offer
  • 'all women look like angels to me' (indifferently) 'anybody.'
  • has many relationships with women - doesn't form lasting connections /deeper ones
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Richard Roe (Part 2)

  • braces off shoulder / after last scene / hanging down - comfort over practicality - relaxed
  • 'who knows' 'quien sabe'
  • different outlook on life to other characters - happy not to know what will happen in future
  • walking boots / mud on shoes / mud footprints trail behind him to bed
  • 'a couple of hills together' 'jeez, that's the life!'
  • associated with nature & outdoors- likes natural life unrestricted by society.
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Richard Roe Photo inspiration

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  • Matching shoes and headband
  • 'she's very fastidious'
  • a wife now - real part of machine, cares about her appearance, is neat eg. focus on hands 
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