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Rosa and Serafina
Rosa and Serafina's relationship is very tense. Serafina is strongly
protective of her daughter, even when she is younger, protecting her from
the Strega, believing her to be evil. Rosa is critical of this interpretation,
proving her smarts and their contrast. Rosa is practical, whilst Serafina

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have sex before leaving. Rosa's naivety is shown as she goes off to marry
him at the end, thinking this will fix their problems, as Jack is going
away. Her naivety is also shown as she believes that Jack does not love
her because he is respecting her mother's wishes…

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Estelle Hohegarten was the women he was cheating with. She almost
forgets about Alvaro's presence as she threatens Estelle, but Alvaro calms
her and lets her talk to Estelle calmly. He comforts her, and Serafina
allows him to spend the night by sending him out the back door and

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The closest women to Serafina, Assunta, is also older and sells powders.
Assunta is the biggest defender of Serafina, and helps her throughout the
play to ensure she is not hurt. Serafina and Assunta's closeness is assured
at both the opening and ending, as Serafina admits at both points she…


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