The Middle Ages Medicine

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The Middle Ages

In the 14th Century London, they tried to improve public health.

  • Fined for --> 
    • selling rotten meat
    • urinating in the streets
    • throwing waste out the window
  • Trying to make living areas cleaner
  • Horse and Carts went round picking up waste from the ground
  • Toilets made on top of rivers to wash away the waste.
  • Butchers would throw rotten meat in the river
  • If the area is cleaner, less rats would congregate so less chance of the Black Death spreading. 

So they must have started to understand what causes disease because they all tried to be cleaner however the water was where all their waste went and the water from the river was... their drinking water. 

The Black Death 

What did people think caused the Black Death? 

--> Humours being out of balance

--> The movement of the planets 

---> Invisible fumes or poisons known as Miasma. 

--> Anti Semitism - hatred of Jews 

---> God and the Devil (for their sins)

---> Common sense reasons like




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