The Formation of a Corrie

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Formation of a Corrie


 Step 1: Neve Formation

Snow accumulates in a hollow, usually facing North East. This snow withstands summer temperatures and builds up in layers. The increasing weight of the snow compacts lower layers to form Neve.

Step 2: Nivation

Nivation – a combination of freeze-thaw weathering and melt water erosion - deepens the hollow.

Small amounts of biological and chemical weathering occur below the glacier where temperatures are warmer and the ground is moist.

Step 3: Further accumulation

Further accumulation results in the removal of air from the neve to form ice. The largest mass of ice is at the back of the glacier which pushes




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This is specific to Corrie - as the title suggests, but as a key glacial landform everyone should know about them in this level of detail. Read, learn, revise and then complete the "Test yourself" activity to review your learning.

Set some of these up for other landforms!