The Early Revolutions (1820s): SICILY & NAPLES

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  • the 1820 revolutions actually began in Napes because in 1818 King Ferdinand had increased the Church's power in the area, meaning they censored books, magazines and newspapers
  • this angered the middle-class, especially those who enjoyed having a freedom of speech (under Napoleon's power)
  • Ferdinand became short of money which resulted in spending cuts on road works for example and even reduced education further
  • revolutions in Spain encouraged the Carbonari and the liberals to take action
  • in July, the King agreed to meet with the rebels' demands for a constitution (similar to the one that was granted in Spain 1812)
  • the revolutions were going quite successfully


  • while what was happening in Naples continued, another revolution - separate from the one in Naples - started up in Sicily, the Sicilians were determined to fight to independence from Naples since they had been forced to unify with Naples in…


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