the different stages within the babbling stages that babies go through up to and including the babbling stage.

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babies go through many different stages within the babbling stage. 6 to 8 weeks old babies will start to use thier vocal chords straight away. the period between birth and the first word is known as the pre-verbal or pre-language stage. Babies start cooing at 6 to 8 weeks old. they will start to make a small range of sounsd usually words like /U/ /A/. they start to produce extended verbal combinations like ooh and ahh. these sounds do't usually carry meaning - they baby may just be experimenting with sounds.

Gradually the more the baby experiments with the sounds it can become the start of babbling. Babbling is teh next significant stage and they usually begin around 6 months old. At this stage, they start to producing repeated consonants/ vowel combinations like mamama. However sometimes these sounds may not be repeated. This would  be called variegated babbling. Most people argue that babbling is a continuation of the baby experimentation with sound creation, cooing rather than the production of sounds which carry meaning. some people argue that bablling is the start of speech. Petitto…


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