The changing Earth


The Earth is much more interesting than lots of stuff in the solar system because it's always changing

The Earth is changing

  • The Earth's been changing for thousands of millions of years and it's still changing now
  • In a few million years, the Earth's going to look different 
  • Mountains that are huge today will be much smaller and new ones will be made
  • The map of the world will be different-whole continents (big chunks of land like Africa and America) will be moved

Rocks show that the Earth is changing 

  • Rocks change over the years and give clues about how the Earth has changed
  • Erosion goes on everywhere
  • But something must be making new rock because without it all the mountains would have worn down by now and the Earth would be perfectly smooth
  • When lava (liquid rock) from volcanoes cools, it forms brand new rock
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