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UV and Ozone Layer

UV is ionising radiation which can knock electrons off atoms making them positively charged and changing them from atoms to ions.

Ozone Layer = Thin layer of O3 gas in the earths upper atmosphere which absorbs some of the suns ultraviolet radiation before it reaches the earth.

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Without the Ozone Layer

Without the ozone layer the amount of radiation reaching earth would be very harmful. Living organisms especially animals would suffer cell damage.

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Damage to ozone layer

The ozone layer is becoming thinner over some parts of the earth due to greenhouse gases espeically CFC's which have been banned and are illegal to make and use.

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Climate Change

The earth emits electromagnetic radiation into space, gases in the atmosphere absorb some of the radiation and this keeps the earth warmer than it would be which is called the greenhouse effect.

Greenhouse gases are =

- CO2

- water vapour

- methane

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Proof of the greenhouse effect

- melting ice caps

- sea levels rising

- temperatures higher

- migration pattern changed

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