The Atlee government’s achievements

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The Atlee government’s achievements

·         Welfare State – based on Beveridge Report to eliminate 5 giants – want, disease, idleness, squalor, ignorance – offered “protection from cradle to grave” with no means test

·         National Insurance Act

·         Industrial Injuries Act

·         NHS Act

·         Education Act – free compulsory education – tripartite system

·         Family Allowances Act – 5 shillings a week for each child after the first

·         “comprehensive and available to every citizen”, “give security to all members of them family” – Attlee

·         “natural development from the past” – Beveridge – built on what was already there – 1911 National Insurance Act only for workers on very low incomes

·         NHS opposition from BMA – feared reduced pay, loss of independence, didn’t want to be mere gvt “salaried civil servants”, saw it as nationalisation, disliked Bevan’s character – only 10% supported its introduction – Bevan had to stuff “their mouths with gold” – there were compromises – private practices/hospitals to continue, reserved “pay beds” for private patients

·         Opposition delayed introduction to 1948 instead of


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