The Ten Obligatory Acts of Shi'a Islam


 The Ten Obligatory Acts go Shi'a Isla  Acts of Shi'a Islam  are imporant for Shi'a Muslims. Sunni Muslims beileve in the Five PIllars of Islam. Four of the Five Pillers are also included in the Ten Obligatory Acts so are important beilefs for all Muslims.

Nature and purpose of the Acts

The Ten Obligatory Acts are duties that all Shi'a Muslims must perform. Their purpose is to: 

  • guide the in how they should live teir lives 
  • allow them to get closer to get closer to Allah in performing the actions he wants 
  • help them achieve the reward ofo pardise after death by followig te rules Alla 
  • help tem continualy focus actions in their lives towards Allah
  • unite all Shi'a Muslims and give eaning to…


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