The Temperate Maritime Climate of the UK

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The temperate maritime climate of the UK.

The UK has a climate that is maritime as it's mild, without extremes of temperatures of temperature. It's strongly influenced by the ocean.

The main factors that affect the UK climate are— 

1) Latitude

2) Altitude

3) Jet Streams

4) Aspect 

5) Ocean currents.

Latitude and distance from the Equator.

The equator has the most concentrated energy, the UK is not situated on the equator so the energy from the sun is less concentrated, therefore the weather will be cooler further North travelled. 

Distance from the sea.

Oceans heat and cool down much more slowly than land. 

This means that coastal locations tend to be cooler in summer and warmer in winter than places inland at the same altitude and altitude.

So in winter, the


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