Climate change

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The little ice age

-The cold conditions can lead to crop failures
-The price of grain increased resulting in unrests
-Remote areas like Greenland became inhabitable

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Impacts on megafauna

  • they could not cope with the climate change, with their preferred food; so they died
  • humans hunted them to extinction
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UK climate

  • temperate maritime climate (mild and wet)
  • may to July are driest
  • prevailing south-westerly winds bringing moist air from the Atlantic
  • the Gulf Stream ocean current that brings warm water across the atlantic
    • air masses are large bodies of air with particular properties
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Greenhouse effect

  • gases retain heat from the sun
  • recent changes in CO2 levels are a result of burning fossil fuels
  • largest contributing countries are China, Russia, USA, India and Japan
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What we do

  • developed countries burn coal, gas and oil which produce 39% of CO2
  • transport produces 29% of CO2
  • nitrous oxide is produced by jet engines
  • deforestation occurs becuase people are burning forests to clear land which produces CO2 and reducing the number of trees means they cannot absorb CO2
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Impact on temperatures and sea levels

  • sea levels have risen by about 200mm since 1870
  • as temperatures rise so water expands
  • melting ice caps
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Futures for developed countries (UK)

  • changes to fish species as temperatures rise
  • increase in storms means more erosion
  • more frequent floods
  • cost of NHS caused by more heat waves
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Futures for developing countries (Bangladesh)

  • more floods and increase in rainfall
  • severe water shortages
  • more frequent and stronger cyclones
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