The Origins of Psychology

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What is Psychology?

  • Psychology is the scientifc study of the mind and behaviour.
  • Psychologists look at what people and animals do, why they do it, and how they feel.,
  • It is a science so everything has to be investigated.
  • You need to come up with a theory and then scientifically investigate it.


  • Things can be reduced to cause-and-effect processes.
  • Wundt believed that the underlying structure of human experience can be broken down into smaller measurable parts using introspection.

But is Psychology a science?

  • To make something a science:

1. Objectivity- Nonj-biased or influenced.

2. Control - under controlled conditions.

3. Predictability - use results to predict further behaviour.

4. Hypothesis testing- Theories generate predictions which can either strengthen or disprove the theory.

5. Replication - People should have confidence in the results, so when they do it, they get the…


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