Origins of psychology

·         Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour

Wundt and introspection


Wundt ;

·         Opened the institute for experimental psychology at Leipzig university in Germany

·         The institute was the first lab dedicated to psychology


Wundt’s aims

·         to record thoughts and sensations

·         to analyse thoughts and their components parts


Wundt’s arguments

·         that conscious mental states could be scientifically studied using introspection

Introspection was a form of experimental self-observation which involved training people to analyse the content of their own private thoughts during controlled conditions

He did this by presenting all participants with the same stimulus, i.e. sticking metronome

·         Wundt introduced the scientific method to investigate introspection

·         Involved strictly controlled conditions and the same standard instructions


The emergence of psychology as a science


Empiricism- A key element of science which dictates that all knowledge is gained from sensory experience.


Sigmund Freud;

·         An Austrian doctor

·         Was developing ideas about unconscious mind

·         Was drawing on clinical evidence from


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