The necklace

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Pretty, Delightful Girls. - Born into the wrong life, feels like she was made for greater things. 

The peeling walls, the battered chairs and the ugly chairs. - triplets. 

No fine dresses, no jewellery nothing. - Triplets - shows how little they have and shows her thoughts and feelings about her life which should of been completely different. 

Look, Ive got something for you - what earthly use is that to me. - this shows just how little she thinks of the life she has now and how they havent got anything worthy to wear or to show off so she would rather not go. 

I cant say precisely,but i daresay i could get by on four hundred franks, he turned slightly pale, very well ill give you your four hundred franks. it shows how little money they have and her husband was saving up for a fishing trip and he has kindly giving…


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