War Photographer Analysis, Carol Anne Duffy

Analysis of War Phtographer :)

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War Photographer
'War photographer' by Carol Ann Duffy is a poem that explores the theme of
death. In the poem, the photographer is developing images that he had taken
from different wars he had photographed. As he looks through all the pictures as
they start to develop, he reflects on the memories they bring to him. I think the
message that this poem is trying to show is al the pain and destruction that war
can bring. It is in third person narrative.
The first line of the poem says, 'In his dark room, he is finally alone.' This shows
after a long time he finally gets time to be alone. As he's in his dark room, we
can tell that he is developing his pictures.
The metaphor 'spools of suffering' refers back to the theme, which is death. It's
not the spools that are suffering, it's the photos on the spools of film.
As the photographer develops his pictures he starts to feels like a priest and
this adds to the idea of death as it states 'If this were a church and he a priest.'
This shows that as he is looking through the developed pictures, he feels as
though he is preparing himself for a funeral.
'Belfast, Beirut, Phaum, Penn' Carol Anne Duffy is listing these places where war
has happened before. These wars aren't recent ones so it shows that the
photographer has been doing his job for many years. `All flesh is grass' may
suggest that all the bodies which died in the war has now turned into just grass
in the ground. Things people just walk on without caring about it.
'He has a job to do'. This shows that the photographer is trying to put his
feelings aside to forget about what's happening in the images so he can get on
with what he's supposed to do.
The line 'rural England' also stands out as it's suggesting that England is
peaceful place in comparison with the panic and chaos of war. `Home again to
ordinary pain which simple weather can dispel.' This is trying to tell me that he's
in the countryside in England where it's safe. What pain is to people here is bad
`Fields which don't explode beneath the feet of running children in this
nightmare heat.' The imagery used here is effective because normally the image
of children running around would be an image of fun. Also, we associate children
with innocence and we have a natural instinct to help and protect them when
they are hurt. WE are not told what the children in the war are running away
from leaving us imagine what it could be. This means we start to fear the worst.

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