English Language Q4

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Question 4 Should take 24-25 Minutes

Responses should:

  • Have a main focus of comparing the articles provided either Q1 and Q3 or Q2 and Q3
  • Cross reference between texts within paragraphs
  • Make use of quotation to support ideas and draw comparisons
  • Analyse each writers' use of language in detail
  • Show a clear understanding of each article and how language is used by the author

Style of Response

  • Analytical focus
  • Regular comparisons should be drawn
  • Make sure you constantly do close analysis on single words or phrases, and their effect on the reader.

What sort of techniques should you look out for?

DAFOREST/Persuasive techniques and how it is used for effect.

  • Direct Adress - Directly referring to the reader using pronouns such as 'you', this engages the reader to read on as they feel directly addressed. 
  • Alliteration (Plosives/Sibilance) - A group of words beginning with the same letter or…


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