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Narrative structure :

Captain Corellis

The Great Gatsby

Framed Narrative with Nick as the narrative outer frame, and spatio-temperol
structure (time and location) highlight content of novel. Temporal Narrative follows
seasonal cycle in time sequence but adjusts speed and order of particular time, so
non-linear development of story. Spatial arrangement…

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And one fine morning boats against the current borne back ceaselessly into the past )
Symbolic temporal location also New York and Foul Dust. New York centre of
modern civilisation, but between centre and West Egg, is desolate `the valley of
ashes'. This is the place that "where ashes…

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the death of Gatsby, which establish a comparison with flashy live of Gatsby

throughout his lifetime. Hence his position as an external narrator elucidates the

isolation of Gatsby and how unequal his love is with Daisy.

Narrative Time

Non linear development of storyline

Links to spatio temporal structure

Linear development…

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A. Gatsby' boyhood (in chapter 8);

Order dis0rganises time sequence of narration, making the structure of the fiction have an

internal tension

Use of analepsis constitutes novel , highlights how the past plays an important role in

the structure of relationships , based on the idea of what `was' there…

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Autumn `stage of hero's comedown and dying process' (Wu zhizhe 1997:90), decay ,

decline of tragic hero. ( hamartia is pursuit for Daisy).

When the author arranges Nike and Gatsby's farewell, he mentions of

Gatsby--"disappeared among the yellowing trees" (Fitzgerald 1982:216), then Gatsby

is killed in his pool, above him…

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Fragmented and non linear device highlights more difficult truths that a more realistic

book won't capture such as the extent of Gatsby's love, which is romanticised.

Narrative Voice

Use of polysyllabic, advanced, intelligent lexis shows Nick belongs to an

educated a high class background which juxtaposes him to Gatsby who…

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"Gatsby turned out all right in the end." (7)
"An elegant young rough neck." (53)
"I suspected he was pulling my leg." (70)
"He was running down like an overwound clock." (97)
"You're worth the whole damn bunch put together." (162)
"I disapproved of him from beginning to end'

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And Cleary told himself that he didn't care, but picked up the paper anyway.) So point of
view shifts from first person narration to the omniscience.
`I glanced at Daisy , who was staring terrified between Gatsby and her husband , and
at Jordan , who had begun to balance…

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Reveals Tom's infidelity and reveals Tom and Daisy relationship nature. She is silent despite

internal despondency but does not leave him due to love for materialism. He treats her as a

possession and `trophy wife'

`We heard that you were engaged' `it's a libel. I'm too poor'. ( Chap 1…

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` T.J Eckleburg's faded eyes came into sight down the road' (motif chap7)

`The pretentious chords of Mendelssohn's wedding March..below'

` I know I didn't care' (chap 8 )

`You said a bad drive was only safe until she met another bad driver? Well, I met

another bad driver, didn't…


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